Pet Portraits

I adore animals and so getting to illustrate your pets brings me so much joy! I love capturing the individual personality of each pet and have illustrated everything from horses to rabbits.

For me pet portraits are about detail and capturing the personality of each animal. I love getting lost in capturing the texture of their fur and all the little quirks that make them special. 

Whilst I have the most experience with capturing dogs in my pet portraits I am happy to capture all animals, I have done rabbits, horses and cats in the past and would love to capture a more diverse range of animals.

I prefer to do my pet portraits digitally so that any tweaks or changes that you might have can be easily remedied and I have a brilliant professional printing company that prints and posts your order for me so that I can stay focussed on what I do best - creating the artwork!

Pet portraits make the most perfect gifts. I can either draw the whole animal or just a portrait with their head and shoulders depending on your budget and photos.

You can buy directly through my listings or feel free to send me a message to discuss your options I'm always happy to chat to you.


Bust Pet Portrait

Animals can be tricky to capture in a photo, they might be sitting just right but looking the wrong way or looking the right way but mid run!

My Bust Pet Portraits capture just the head and shoulders of your animal, this is a great option to capture your pets unique expression and is often more forgiving with a range of images.

This option is also slightly more affordable to keep my pet portraits as accessible as possible.

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Full Pet Portrait

You've snapped that picture that is completely perfect! If only it wasn't so messy in the background, or if you'd just taken their harness off first!

I love capturing the personality of your animals particualrly your gorgeous photos of them in action!

The full pet portrait is the right option for you if you'd like to really go all in on that perfect image.

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Want a Portrait of more than one animal?

That's absolutely fine, the more the merrier! I quote for these projects seperately so that I can give a fair price due to all the variables. No animal is the same and that is the same for portraits!

Simply send me message to discuss what you would like and I'll get back to you with a quote!

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Still Got Questions?

If you're at all unsure about what option is best for you then please do send me a message I would love to help you choose what is right for you!

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