Joyful Journal

The Joyful Journal is my lovely email community. I've called it the Joyful Journal because it feels intimate. This is the most honest behind the scenes content that I create.

I try to send an email out every week with my thoughts and reflections on the past week, photos of what's on my desk at the moment and a journal prompt to get you thinking. 

Not just that but I also share exclusive sneak peaks, exclusive offers and my email list are the first to get all of my news and updates.

Here are a few reasons to subscribe!

🌸 early access to all of my future product launches

🌸 regular journal prompts

🌸 My email list will be the first to hear about important updates (both business and personal!)

🌸 You are 100% guaranteed to see my content rather than having to fight the algorithm


I promise I will ONLY share what I think you'll be interested in and if I don't send an email then I don't have anything to share. I would love to have you in my community!