Corporate Commissions

As a small business owner myself I understand the importance of building a relationship with your clients and treating your employees with the utmost kindness. I have adored working with small corporate clients to create glasses that can be treasured by their clients whilst still keeping their branding and messaging visible in the design.

Whether you are looking for glasses for an upcoming event, something special to add to your Christmas hamper or a glass to welcome your new employees I would love to help. 

If you are interested or have any questions simply send me a message, I can work with you to create something that matches your vision and is completely unique to you and your business.

Projects I'd Love To Work On

  • Retreat/Event Style glasses for each guest

    Create a gift for each guest that reminds them of you long after your event. This can be inclusive of your branding or messaging for the specific event and will be designed to reflect you and your values.

    Prices From £275

  • Business Birthday Celebrations Gifts

    Celebrating a milestone in your business and want something to thank the people involved for all of their hard work. A personalised glass with your milestone and brand ethos is the perfect gift to remind you all how much you’ve achieved together.

    Prices From £140

  • New employee/coaching client welcome pack

    Welcoming people into your business is a huge milestone. If you’re looking to foster a good community ethos into your employees or clients, gift them a personalised glass that reflects you and your brand to sit on their desk and keep them hydrated throughout the day.

    Prices From £140

  • Christmas Hamper

    Looking to put together the perfect gift hamper for your employees after a brilliant year in business together? Bespoke glasses design with your employees and your brand in mind could be the perfect addition.

    Prices From £140

  • Retirement/Sorry you’re leaving/Long service award

    Looking to wish the employee that’s leaving you well or reward someone that’s been with you since the start? A commemorative vase is the perfect keepsake.

    Prices From £37

Previous Corporate Projects

Here are some examples of the projects that I have worked on for corporate clients previously:

- Set of 5 individually branded tumblers for a business birthday gift

- A Set of 12 custom branded tumblers for retreat gifts

  • Gin or Whiskey Glass


    Height - 12 cm 

    Width - 8 cm

  • Prosecco Flute


    Height - 19 cm 

    Width - 6 cm

  • Small Bud Vase


    Height - 14.5 cm

    Width - 5.5 cm

  • Large Bullet Vase


    Height - 24 cm

    Width - 11.5 cm

  • Tumbler or Candle Holder


    Height - 9.5cm

    Width - 7.5cm

  • Wine Glass


    Height - 21.5 cm 

    Width - 7.5cm

Don't see what you're looking for?

My books are always open for all sorts of exciting commissions and I absolutely love hearing all of your ideas!

I am happy to try to source all sorts of different glassware, it might just take me longer to put a quote together for you.

There is nothing I wont consider so please do get in touch with your ideas.

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