The Process of My Latest Commissioned Project

The Process of My Latest Commissioned Project

Recently I have come to the end of my first set of paintings that were part of a commissioned project for a company who have new offices based in Warwick - which is very local to where I live and work. This project was an absolute joy for me and I wanted to walk you through the process in this blog.

I have always envisioned that my paintings would work really well in corporate spaces such as hotels, libraries and office spaces due to their scale and impact. I love the idea of people getting lost in my paintings and enjoying them regularly so when I was approached by Bright with this opportunity to create four bespoke paintings for their new Warwick office I could have jumped for joy.

The company had seen my Abstracted Tranquil Sunset original painting on social media and instantly loved my style of work. They were keen for the paintings to really represent their brand and ethos of bringing together several smaller companies together under the Bright umbrella.

Personally I really enjoy using colour to explore emotion in my work, so the main way that I wanted to include Bright's brand is through my playful use of colour. I wanted to really explore the full range of colours in Bright's branding palette to see how they grouped together, what happened if I used all of them or just singled out a couple of colours.

I am hugely inspired by nature and the world around me in all of my works and this series of paintings are no different. I actually started with a range of really beautiful skyscape photos from around the world. I knew that a lot of Bright's branding colours could be found in sunsets and sunrises so this felt like a really natural place to start for me.

I started with exploring colour and shape as freely as I could over a range of 3 or 4 small paintings in my sketchbook, ensuring that I kept my work quick and loose so that I wasn't able to overthink anything.

Generating ideas can be one of the hardest parts of the process for me so it is always something that I approach with a playful manner and try to remove any pressure that I feel at every step so that I am able to create my best work and allow the ideas to flow.

I then photographed a range of closeups of this work which is often how the ideas for composition come for me. Breaking down larger pieces of work into smaller compositions feels more natural to me as I often overcomplicate an image by trying to cram too many ideas in one piece.

With those photographs I was able to work into them digitally on my iPad to create a more solid composition and present a wide range of ideas for these paintings. I actually submitted 8 ideas for paintings to my contacts at Bright - which you can see in the images above - and they then selected the final four that would be developed into the finished paintings.

 Once I had the approval of the final four concept images and the size of the canvas was agreed on I could get to the fun part of the process - fulfilling the paintings!

I set aside a couple of hours each day for a couple of weeks in January to work on these paintings. I actually found the first one to be quite tricky, I think I got in my head a little about replicating the concept image that I had submitted exactly but I found the more I loosened up the better the painting went.


I found that not overcomplicating the images and allowing my mark making to be bold is what allowed these paintings to shine and I am so pleased with the final results. This commission really was such a joy for me to work on and I found a natural process with fulfilling the final paintings that really depended on me trusting myself and the value of my work in the same way the client trusted me to deliver. I made sure to send regular updates to the client and was thrilled when they gave me the feedback that everyone in the office was delighted with the paintings.

Usually with commissions I don’t share my process in real time and I offer exclusivity meaning that sometimes my commissioned work can be much more expensive because I wont reproduce the work in any way - the work becomes a pure one off for my clients.

However this client had a very set budget and therefore during the initial quote process we agreed that I would be able to make reproductions of the paintings and to document and share my painting process in real time on social media.

It is because of this that all four of these paintings are available to buy as prints in my store here.

If you love my work and would like a commissioned painting - or set of paintings - of your own please do just send me and email through my contact page here. I would love to hear from you.

P.S. I'm also in the process of creating a community of creatives on Substack, this will look like a monthly membership where I share a lot more of my art process and learnings in real time, alongside weekly inspiration posts and a monthly Q&A with me, if you're interested I would love to see you over there using this link.

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