Monthly Art Drop 2 - The Story Behind the Art

Monthly Art Drop 2 - The Story Behind the Art

I feel deep in my soul that I was always meant to be an artist. Recently I looked back over an old exercise where I created a vision document full of my dreams and my long term vision for what I’d like my life to be. I wrote:

“Thankyou, my artwork serves the community I live within. It surrounds us and brings colour and joy to the walls and windows of local businesses. My work is read to children before bed, it is viewed with a smile and a cup of tea before a hard day’s work, it allows people to escape their everyday lives whilst maintaining a level of connection to the world around them. My work is abundant and impactful beyond my own comprehension.”

For me being an artist is all about connecting deeply and emotionally with people. It is about being with them as their lives change and evolve, bringing them moments of calm, joy, laughter within their days and generally brightening their existence just that little bit.

Whenever someone buys my art I actually get a little bit emotional, that vote of confidence in me and my work means a lot but not as much as the idea of someone living with a piece of my art and the impact that piece can have on them day in and day out. That is why I am here, creating and selling my art, with the hope that I make your day just a tiny bit brighter.

I am SO EXCITED about this art drop, not only is it an act of me actually following through with the promises that I made myself but I have pushed myself one little step further by adding an original painting into this art drop.

My dream is to paint more canvasses like this one, to show emotion and soul in my paintings, artwork worthy of adorning houses and galleries, collectors items. Paintings for you to get lost in, that evoke something within you that you can’t quite articulate in words.

I’ve chosen to add this original in particular because this piece was created in January 2022 and was going to be a part of my first original collection that I had planned for the middle of last year.

One of my goals last year was to really ‘step into the artist that I know myself to be’. This is something that I’m still really working on and that I sort of ended up shying away from last year. I completely overcomplicated this launch and made it something that I just couldn’t live up to. I expected too much of myself. These monthly smaller launches feel so much more aligned and low pressure to me.

I love this painting and I feel sort of gutted that since it’s creation it has lived under my sofa not being viewed by anyone at all. When I first shared the process of me painting it, it got a really good reception but ultimately I was too scared to ask for the sale.

It’s a very me skyscape, all of my favourite colours in one place. It’s even a little bit abstracted. More about the mark making than the finished piece - which I’m learning is how I like to work, it’s about a joyful process which will inject feeling and character into a piece of work.









I hope that it brings you calm and joy when you look at it, the colours are designed to be calming and help you breathe that little sigh of relief at the end of a hard day. I hope that you’re able to get a little bit lost in this painting, that it’ll help to inject some personality into your home and brighten your days. That it’ll make you and the generations that come after you smile. That it might be passed down through your family, that it becomes a prized possession.

I just wanted to mention that I am keeping this painting as an original. I don’t have the capacity to make prints of this, it is a one off and intend for it to stay that way so if you love this piece please make sure that you buy it before someone else because it wont be returning once it has sold.

I really feel that art is connection. That it is created for one person just at the right moment. I feel intuitively this is the right moment to put this piece out there, so hopefully it reaches you at just the right moment too.

I’ve also chosen two returning prints for this collection. These two prints are polar opposites which is why I love pairing them together.

The rolling hills print is calming, serene and encapsulates the sense of freedom that I experienced in a similar wheat field when I was 16 and falling in love for the first time. It is a dreamy landscape that encapsulates how nature can take your breath away.

Meanwhile the stretching cats print never fails to make me smile they make me want to shake off the day and give me a real sense of get up and go. They look like they’ve just gotten up from a nap and are ready to take on the world. How perfect would these cuties be for your bedroom or office space?!

I have also chosen three new print designs. Within my work every piece of art has a history, a story to tell, a background, an inspiration, memories of mine that sparked something within me, sometimes subconsciously before I even realise that is what has called me to choose this specific piece of work. Here I have tried to explain what each piece means to me in the hope that it strikes a chord with you too.


I feel like I could do a whole separate blog post explaining my landscapes journey and how one piece lead me to create another and another. This was actually only the second landscape piece that I painted in this vibrant style. For me it is about interpreting the essence of a landscape in a unique and personal way rather than reproducing what is actually in front of you. I love this waterfall piece because it captures the majesty of being in front of a waterfall and the power of nature. I was trying to capture the energy and motion of the scene with the speed of my brush strokes more than anything else.

I see this piece being perfect for a living room or a bedroom. It gives me a great sense of strength and calm. It could even be the perfect gift for that friend that is having a little wobble at the moment. This piece really makes me feel like everything can be figured out.

Reading Girl

This piece was a bit of a surprise and an accident for me but I absolutely love it and I hope you do to! Recently I’ve been taking my product images of my glassware and doodling on them. Creating little characters and scenes to sit alongside these images, just to make them more fun both for you and for me. But this reading girl struck a chord with me.

It reminded me of being a school aged child and the summer holiday that I spent all of my time tucked into the corner of our conservatory, bathing in the warm sunlight, surrounded by nature, reading the entire Harry Potter series from cover to cover.

This piece is for all of those little girls who just love to bury their heads in a good book.

Purple Landscape

This launch is pretty landscape heavy right? I didn’t really intend for that to happen but I don’t mind that it has. It feels like a cohesive collection. This purple landscape is actually my favourite ever landscape. It’s moody yet hopeful. It’s all of my favorite colours together in the sky. It reminds me a little of Kenilworth Castle - which is not far from me - and the stories that those ruins hold. This landscape feels to me like it has a whole story just waiting to be discovered.

I’m so very proud of this little collection. I have purposefully kept it a lot smaller than last time so that nobody gets overwhelmed. So that I can chat freely about each piece and so that you get to know each one a little more intimately.

I have also shortened the length of this launch period. I want these monthly art drops to feel fun and playful for both me and you. This collection goes live to the public on Tuesday 30th May 2023 and orders will close just four days later on Friday 2nd June 2023 after which I will be taking a well deserved holiday.

As always my email list will get first look and 24 hours early access to the art drop - so if you have your eyes on something in particular or want to be first in line for that original them please do leave your email in the box at the bottom of this page. They also get regular updates on what is new on the blog and the most intimate look behind the scenes of my art journey.

Thankyou for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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