How I’m moving towards my artists dream in 2024

How I’m moving towards my artists dream in 2024

I am an artist, illustrator and scenic artist with BIG dreams. I want to earn six figures in my business. I want to buy my own house and have a really lovely spacious life. I would love for my paintings to be HUGE and in public spaces where lots of lovely people can enjoy them daily. I want to be able to travel often and to enjoy documenting life in my sketchbook WAY more than I currently do. I want to have an illustration agent who cheerleads my work and lots of lovely children’s picture books out in the world inspiring the next generation of artists.

But enough about my dreams, in this blog post I wanted to talk a little about how I uncovered these big dreams and what my focusses are going to be in 2024 to move towards my big dreams.

2023 reflection

When I reflect on the artist that I was in 2023 I really don’t recognise myself, it’s crazy how much you can change, evolve and grow over the course of a year.

January 2023, I was a burnt-out scenic artist. I’d spent all of 2022 working my ass off, I’d taken very few breaks and as for my art business… well it existed on paper but I hadn’t had any time to devote to it for nearly 6 months. As of January 2023 I decided it was time to make a big change, I completely flipped from being a full time scenic artist to being a full time artist in my little business business. I decided 2023 was going to be the year I made a real change and leapt headfirst into my business.

Of course it didn’t really work out like that, honestly I hadn’t really thought through what exactly I was going to do once I’d actually leapt and it turned out that I really didn’t trust myself very much either… My earnings and my confidence were pretty low at that point and I had a LOT of figuring things out to do.

Thankfully I’d built a pretty solid journaling habit and with lots of time to think things through I started to really understand what I wanted. In 2023 my word of the year was ‘trust’, and that I did. I trusted that things would work out for me, I learnt to trust myself and my own intuition, I learnt to trust my future self and I started trusting that it was safe for me to dream.

I have a lot of compassion for myself and the work that I did last year, it was scary, necessary and hugely uncomfortable. But I’m here and I’m taking myself more seriously than ever before.

2024 focusses

I’m so excited about what this year will hold, but the point of this is to tell you about some of my plans, ideas and goals for 2024 and how I have come to these creative focusses.

My first step was definitely picking a word of the year, this is something that I try to ponder in December and it is usually something that just intuitively comes to me. The word ‘trust’ had served me SO well in 2023 that I wanted to pick something equally impactful. I often find that I come to my word of the year with a slight sinking feeling of “oh god yeah that’s what I need this year”. It’s not all buzzy excitement for me but it comes from a deep place of knowing.

My word of the year for 2024 is ‘space’. The idea being that I want to take up space in my business, I want to be loud and unapologetically me. I also want to create space for the things I want in my life. And my big goal for 2024 is to have my own space - likely in the form of a real studio space.

So that is my first main goal for the year, to get a studio space where I feel creatively excited, where I can splosh paint on the floor without worrying, where I can work much much bigger and really devote time to ‘finding’ myself as an artist which I feel is the next big step in my artists journey.

I’m also an illustrator and I have so many lovely little characters that I’ve developed and worked with now for a lot of 2023, I’d love to really focus on getting good storyboards together now and honing my voice as a children's book author. With the view to maybe approaching some publishers with my ideas by the end of 2024.

And lastly my third big goal for 2024 is to make more video content. I really want to be more honest in my content, to document my artists journey more fully, to bring you along on the process of these two big scary goals that I’ve mentioned above. Video feels kind of vulnerable to me, but it’s something that I really want to step into more as I know that is where I can be myself and share my process the most honestly.

So there we are, those are my top three intentions in how I’m planning to move towards my artists dream in 2024. It’s taken me most of January to feel that these three things are the most important to me. Now I just figure out how to actually approach it… The work never stops and I have many sub-goals that might well help me get there too. It took me a lot of journaling, a really long list of ideas of things I wanted to achieve and ironically lots of space to allow things to settle to get to this place.

So what now?

My next steps are to break these down on a coaching call that I have booked in for the last day in January. To keep these goals front of mind and to take real action towards them daily. All whilst constantly keeping my big dreams in my head to motivate me forwards.

I still intend to do scenic art projects, I have some companies that I adore working for and I’m hopeful that I wont have to hugely promote myself in that area, which is why I don’t have a goal around scenic art this year. In many ways I’m looking at how my scenic art training makes me special as an artist and how I can transfer what I feel great about in my scenic work into the rest of my business.

Remembering that goals simply act as compasses and that actually it’s simply the start because taking action is what makes the real change in our lives.

I hope this has been helpful and if you would like to follow my journey more closely in 2024 then please do pop your email in the box below as my email list hear first about all of my news, they also get exclusive discounts, a weekly journal prompt and a behind the scenes updates straight to their inbox so they don’t lose me in the algorithm.

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