Behind the scenes of turning my Originals into Prints

Behind the scenes of turning my Originals into Prints

Something that surprised me from my market research recently was that people aren’t that likely to want original artworks. Partially because of the price tag but also because of the responsibility of owning and maintaining that piece of art. What I did learn that was prints are much more popular - and a more affordable - way of introducing personality to your walls and creating a joyful sanctuary within your home.

I am passionate that people should have art in their homes that makes them feel warm, peaceful and that brings a smile to their face.

The results of my market research got me thinking, how can I produce prints of my originals without devaluing the original artwork. Ultimately as an artist I love to create original artworks and I would love to display and sell my originals to art collectors and home owners. BUT I also want to keep my artwork accessible to my community too.

So I came up with the idea of photographing segments of my originals and working into them digitally (I use procreate on my iPad) to create a set of prints that could hold the essence of the full original whilst maintaining the unique integrity of the original piece of artwork.

I thought it might be fun to take you behind the scenes of that process and explain my thought process to you because it was vastly different depending on which artwork I was processing.

Original Painting - Tranquil Sunset 

Original Painting which you can Purchase Here

I love this original, the abstracted forms of it, the colours and brush strokes. This was my first super intuitive painting and probably the original painting that feels most like me as an artist. I learnt SO much through creating this work but I’ve also learnt so much in the way that people respond to this piece too. It’s easily my most viewed and loved piece of artwork. Working in this style is definitely something that I hope to explore further in 2024.

Set of three photographs taken from the Original

I really enjoyed photographing this piece, there are so many snippets of this painting that work on their own and it was easy for me to get a group of really great images from this piece that I was able to work into to develop a new set of artworks in their own right,

Because of the more abstracted nature of the work I was also able to have more fun in editing these prints on Procreate - which is why I wanted to show you the original images vs the prints for this one. I wanted to see how far I could push each individual piece and transform it into something that still represents how I see the original artwork without the viewer being directly able to recognise that.

Set of three prints that you can purchase individually here.

I just ADORE the way these prints turned out and turning these into mockups actually made me shiver a little. Part of me would love to explore how big I can print these as I think they would look incredible as a feature print in it’s own right. But for now I’m offering them as standard A4 and A3 prints. I had so much fun with these prints and I think that really shines through in the artwork, I can really imagine them taking centre stage on a gallery wall or looking fab as a set of three down somebody’s hallway.

Original Painting - Norwegian Fjords 

Original Painting Available Here

These were actually the first two prints that I created from an original back when I first had that idea whilst I was on holiday in the Derbyshire countryside. I was snuggled up in our cosy log cabin sketching these and I had so much fun adding all those little details. It felt quite natural to me to split up the original painting into two main focal points and whilst these prints echo each other each one has it’s own unique charm too. They would look INCREDIBLE displayed together in someone’s bedroom or lounge area.

Set of two prints sold individually here

These prints take me right back to being on the Norwegian fjords cruise back in July. The feeling of slowly sliding past all of this amazing scenery whilst you’re having a delicious meal is something that I will never forget. I hope you can feel that deep sense of calm in these artworks.

Original Paintings - Idyllic Cliffs and Lighthouse at Sunset


Top - Shop the Originals here
Bottom - Shop the Prints here

These two originals only produced one print and in some ways I sort of expected that. There is just one main focal point in each of these originals which became the natural point to zoom in and focus on for the print. Anything that didn’t have that focal point in just lost the natural magic of the original.

Part of me is a little nervous that by offering these prints it does take away from the integrity of the original but I trust that art is connection and that the right person just wont be able to resist buying the full original in all of it’s glory.

I like these prints but they don’t fill me with the same excitement as some of the others do. I think they work nicely as images and it’ll be interesting to see how well they sell. This is all an experiment for me and I wanted to offer these as part of that. You don’t always have to love something as an artist for it to resonate with someone else.

Originals that just didn’t translate into prints.

Shop these original artworks here

I photographed crops of each of these but just couldn’t find a way to turn them into a print that I felt really happy with. I think it’s because the original artwork itself is so pure to me that I can’t bring myself to change it. I felt like I simply lost the magic of these originals as soon as I lost any part of them.

Sometimes things just don’t work. That’s okay. I’m learning to lean into that. To allow myself to experiment and release what works whilst letting go of what doesn’t. I didn’t want to force myself to create something that didn’t feel aligned.

All in all I’m really pleased with the prints that I’ve released from my originals. I hope that you can treat yourself to one or maybe a set? I would LOVE to see them adding personality to your walls. They could also make the most amazing Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Maybe you know someone who has just moved and could use some prints to really allow their personality to fill that space.

I would love to hear your thoughts and please do go and browse the prints here.

I’m forever grateful for your support.

Sending love

Amy x

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