Behind the Scenes of Art Drop 3

Behind the Scenes of Art Drop 3

Honestly HOW is it nearly halfway through the year?! I don’t know about you but 2023 is flying by. This is my third monthly art drop and it is possibly the one I am most excited about out of all of the art drops I’ve done.

Each time I do one of these art drops I am building on what came before. I am slowly pushing myself to lean into becoming the artist that I really want to be. I’m slowly becoming more and more vulnerable with each one. Unwrapping a little piece of my heart and offering it to you through these products.

This launch has three original paintings and three t-shirt designs for you to choose from. Each one is currently living under my sofa in the dark - I really hope they find homes because they deserve to be enjoyed on someone’s wall. They are all designed to bring personality to your home, a sense of calm to your mind and inject a smile to your day.

You’ll recognise this original from last month’s art drop. Whilst it didn’t sell the first time around I know a lot of you loved this piece and I do too. It only felt right to bring it back in this art drop. For my full inspiration behind this piece read this blog post from last month.

Living in Warwickshire I’m not far from Kenilworth Castle which is what this piece depicts. It would be perfect for someone local OR for someone who has visited the area previously with fond memories.

The injection of the deep yellow flowers in this image is so visually pleasing to me and are a symbol of abundance in some cultures. I had such a fun time working on this piece and I think that really shows in the work.

This original is particularly close to my heart. It was originally painted as a gift to my late Grandmother. She was always adorned with red nail polish and red lipstick, she cared about her appearance and she adored robins. She was my biggest cheerleader, telling people what a talented Granddaughter she had.

This piece was returned to me when she passed away but there just isn’t the right place for it in my family home. I really feel - after a year of keeping it under my sofa - that she would really want it to be displayed and enjoyed by someone else.

Robins are a symbol of good luck, happiness and rebirth. People often remember their loved ones when a robin comes to visit and I hope this robin will find somewhere lovely to live.


So my secret is out, I’m FINALLY offering t-shirts. Whilst I feel like this has been coming for ages now it will probably be a surprise to most people, I haven’t mentioned it or taken you on the process with me at all - for that I can only apologise.

I ordered my first sample t-shirt in July 2022. For nearly a year I’ve worn it regularly for workouts, social events, holidays and more. This rathe extreme delay wasn’t my intention when I first ordered the sample, I’d ordered a sweatshirt at the same time and was planning an illustrated collection, but I was SO busy with my scenic job, I neither had the time or the brain space to design a collection let alone do a big launch.

But I have honestly LOVED wearing this t-shirt over the past year. I’ve really run it through it’s paces wearing it for my weekly dance workout - it hasn’t distorted or faded at all. I find it a comfortable and breathable material, it is easy to wear, it is a great length for wearing over trousers or tucking into skirts and I specifically chose a unisex t-shirt so that it can be gifted to anyone and will fit a variety of shapes and sizes easily.

The t-shirt itself is available in a wide size range from Small to 3XL - I am personally a size 16 in most UK retailers and I wear a Large t-shirt as a sizing reference - if you need any sizing help please just send me a message and I will be able to advise you.

This is quite an old design now and what I had on my original sample t-shirt. I've found it a really versatile design that goes with so many of my clothes and I've had so many lovely compliments from people whilst wearing it. I hope my t-shirt’s will leave you feeling confident and ready to spread a smile everywhere you go

I've always had a love of squirrels and drew a lot of them from video to challenge myself. I love how quirky and immediate the line is in these illustrations and I wanted to create something simple and beautiful from them. This stay curious design does just that and may be my new favourite t-shirt!

I'm in love with this little mouse character and his zen mood is really infectious. I imagine going to my weekly yoga class in this t-shirt feeling really confident. He reminds us all that everything is going to be okay and that all we need to do is take a breath and trust the universe.

I know this is only my third monthly art drop but I’m so blooming proud of myself for sticking with this journey, for committing to selling my art regularly and showing up for my dreams - so I wanted to say thankyou for supporting that simply by reading this blog post.

All of the products are linked and will be available to the public between the 28th June and 5th July 2023. I want to keep these launches limited and exclusive for now so that they feel really special and stay exciting for all of us.

Enjoy browsing the full collection here and I can’t wait to process your orders! If you would like to be notified on my next blog post and have early access to all of my future art drops then please do leave your email in the box below. I would love to chat to you.

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